#Vaccine Policy

We at South Charlotte Pediatrics strongly believe in the benefits of and recommend immunizations for all our patients with the exception of children who have a medical contraindication to receive them.

We follow the vaccination schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control and a schedule that meets North Carolina Immunization Requirements.

We are available to answer any questions related to vaccines and their administration schedule and do not offer an alternative immunization schedule to our patients.

Vaccine Schedule at South Charlotte Pediatrics

  Hib Pediarix
(DTaP, Ipv,
Hep B)
Prevnar Rotarix MMR Vairavax Hepatitis A Tdap Menactra
One Month                  
Two Month X X X X          
Four Month X X X X          
Six Month   X X            
Nine Month                  
Twelve Month     X   X X X    
Fifteen Month  
Hib & DTaP
Eighteen Month             X    
Four Years  
DTaP +Ipv
    X X      
Ten Years               X  
Eleven Years                 X
Sixteen Years                 X

Gardasil series is offered to all children at age eleven.
Bexsero series is offered between seventeen to eighteen years.